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The Human Resource Executive Effect in Initial Public Offering Firms
CAHRS Working Paper Series
  • Theresa M. Welbourne, Cornell University
  • Linda A. Cyr, Harvard University
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[Excerpt] There is much discussion about HRM becoming strategic, in part by hiring a senior HR executive. This study explores whether that recommendation can help entrepreneurial, growth-oriented companies. By applying organizational inertia concepts, we study whether having a senior HRM executive, reporting to the CEO, affects firm performance in a sample of initial public offering (IPO) firms. Results indicate that smaller and fast-growth IPOs experience the most gain from having a senior human resource executive.
Suggested Citation
Welbourne, T. M. & Cyr, L. R. (1999). The human resource executive effect in initial public offering firms (CAHRS Working Paper #99-03). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies.
Citation Information
Theresa M. Welbourne and Linda A. Cyr. "The Human Resource Executive Effect in Initial Public Offering Firms" (1999)
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