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Students Helping Students: Creating and Evaluating a Collaborative Service Model in the Library
College & Research Libraries (2020)
  • Theresa Westbrock, University of Northern Iowa
  • Angie Cox, University of Northern Iowa
Many collaborative partnerships between libraries and other academic departments result from growth, usually part of a renovation project or other funding opportunity. This research aims to showcase a model of successful partnership built during a budget and workforce reduction and identify potential barriers to success. As higher education continues to face funding challenges, libraries must have models to remain nimble in the face of potential budget and staff reductions. By integrating other academic services into the library’s space and existing service models, libraries and their partners can continue to offer a variety of high-quality services, sustain their specific missions, and build foundations for future collaborative planning. This study was directly guided by Academic Library Impact: Improving Practice and Essential Areas to Research,1 a report that outlines ways for libraries to focus on student success and better communicate their value to stakeholders. The report builds on the Association of College and Research Libraries’ well-established Value of Academic Libraries initiative. This study aims to address the report’s Collaborate with Educational Stakeholders priority area question, “How can library administrators and staff collaborate with staff and faculty from other academic departments within the same academic institution to increase student learning and success?”
Publication Date
April 3, 2020
Citation Information
Theresa Westbrock and Angie Cox. "Students Helping Students: Creating and Evaluating a Collaborative Service Model in the Library" College & Research Libraries Vol. 81 Iss. 3 (2020) p. 345
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