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Planning and Managing School Facilities
Educational Leadership Faculty Publications
  • Theodore J. Kowalski, University of Dayton
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Theodore Kowalski addresses the administrative procedures associated with planning and managing school facilities. Practitioner interest in school facilities has been growing rapidly in recent years because decades of neglect, poor planning, and cost cutting have created a situation in which large numbers of America's school buildings are in need of major repair or replacement. At the same time, the realization that costs related to repair and replacement have escalated significantly has fueled a new concern among school facility planning and management. Writing for school administrators, superintendents, and board members as well as graduate students in education, Kowalski discusses planning from the perspective of both individual facility projects and more comprehensive district-wide efforts. The responsibilities associated with administering school buildings are also approached from the individual school and district program perspective.
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Two chapters are made available for download with the permission of the author: Chapter 4, "Assessment Activities," and Chapter 9, "Financing Facility Projects."

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New York, NY
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Theodore J. Kowalski. Planning and Managing School Facilities. (1989)
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