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Case Studies of Beginning Teachers
Educational Leadership Faculty Publications
  • Theodore J. Kowalski, University of Dayton
  • Roy A. Weaver, Ball State University
  • Kenneth T. Henson, Ball State University
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Case Studies of Beginning Teachers offers a collection of 35 case studies of first-year teaching experiences — a mixture of true dilemmas and best solution scenarios — that bridge educational theory and practice to shed light on actual problems and challenges new teachers most often confront.

Copyright (c) 1994, Longman Publishers. Case 11, "A Teacher Uses Metacognition," is included in the repository for download with the permission of the publisher. Any content from this book must be attributed properly using the data provided with this file. This edition is now out of print, but the latest edition >>> is available from the publisher's website.

Longman Publishers
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White Plains, NY
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Theodore J. Kowalski, Roy A. Weaver and Kenneth T. Henson. Case Studies of Beginning Teachers. (1994)
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