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Article 106 of the United Nations Charter
Texas Review of Law & Politics (2007)
  • Theodore M Cooperstein

Article 106 of the United Nations Charter began as an interim measure, designed to ensure that the Allies might continue to fight the Second World War and secure the post-war peace during the time that it took to make the new Organization fully operational. Althought the Organization never quite came into operation as expected, and Article 106 thereby remains in effect, the United Nations has not yet called upon Article 106 to justify any measure. Article 106's disappearance today would make little to no difference to the current arrangement. Its continued presence and valdity, however, does hold the potential of aiding the Five Powers in the case that they unanimously agree yet fail to command a requisite majority in the Security Council.

  • United Nations Charter,
  • Allied Powers,
  • Cold War,
  • Security Council,
  • Article 106,
  • Article 43,
  • Five Powers,
  • Second World War
Publication Date
Spring 2007
Citation Information
Theodore M Cooperstein. "Article 106 of the United Nations Charter" Texas Review of Law & Politics Vol. 11 Iss. 2 (2007)
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