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AVPR (Arkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossii) and the Orthodox East
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  • Theophilus C Prousis, University of North Florida
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This article contributes to the Russian scholarly tradition of istochnikovedenie (study of sources) by identifying selected documents in Moscow's Arkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossii (AVPR, Archive of Russian Foreign Policy) on Imperial Russia's religious contacts with the Greek East during the nineteenth century. Describing the rich and diverse sources available in the archival/manuscript collections of Russia, Ukraine, and other parts of the former USSR is an essential task in laying the foundation for a more precise and systematic account of Russian religious and cultural ties to the Greek East than has hitherto been the case.

Originally published in the Modern Greek Studies Yearbook 12/13 (1996/1997): 473-503

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Theophilus C Prousis. "AVPR (Arkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossii) and the Orthodox East" (1996)
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