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Constructing Sustainability Science: Emerging Perspectives and Research Trajectories
Sustainability Science (2013)
  • Thaddeus R. Miller, Portland State University

Over the last decade, sustainability science has emerged as an interdisciplinary and innovative field attempting to conduct problem-driven research that links knowledge to action. As the institutional dimensions of sustainability science continue to gain momentum, this article provides an analysis of emerging research agendas in sustainability science and an opportunity for reflection on future pathways for the field. Based on in-depth interviews with leading researchers in the field and a content analysis of the relevant literature, this article examines how sustainability scientists bound the social, political and normative dimensions of sustainability as they construct research agendas and look to link knowledge to social action. Many scientists position sustainability science as serving universal values related to sustainability and providing knowledge that is crucial to societal decision-making. The implications of these findings are discussed with an eye towards creating a space for a more democratic and reflexive research agenda for sustainability.

Publication Date
April, 2013
Citation Information
Thaddeus R. Miller. "Constructing Sustainability Science: Emerging Perspectives and Research Trajectories" Sustainability Science Vol. 8 Iss. 2 (2013)
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