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Patients’ Perceptions of Pharmacist Intervention Through Pre-Screened Medication Therapy Management Service
The Research and Scholarship Symposium
  • Danielle E. Baker, Cedarville University
  • Colin J. Behm, Cedarville University
  • Bryan Feldmann, Cedarville University
  • Jeremy Flikkema, Cedarville University
  • Thaddeus T. Franz, Cedarville University
Type of Submission
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM),
  • patient satisfaction,
  • patient knowledge,
  • pharmacy intervention,
  • community pharmacy
Background: The continued challenge of time commitment in a community pharmacy setting is reported by pharmacists as the single largest setback in providing quality patient care. Additionally, when efforts are made by pharmacists to intervene on a patient’s therapy through medication therapy management (MTM), patient “no shows” further challenge an already busy community pharmacy world. Many studies show the value of a pharmacist-patient relationship. However, continued barriers prevent the value of this relationship to take full effect. While numerous methods of comprehensive medication review take place, the issue of establishing a model that best suits the needs of community pharmacy patients still exists. Statement of the Problem: To assess patients’ perceptions of pharmacist intervention through a pre-screened medication therapy management service at prescription pick-up. Description of Methodology: This study utilized a nonprobability convenience sampling of MTM participants at a local community pharmacy pickup for research. A questionnaire was designed to assess patients’ perceptions prior to and after the pharmacist intervention. All adult patients willing to participate in MTM services were included. After the MTM intervention, participants were encouraged to complete the questionnaire at home and mail it back to the pharmacy. The questionnaires were then collected from the pharmacy for review and data was analyzed with SPSS software. Results: Reported increased patient satisfaction and knowledge by survey following the MTM intervention. Unfortunately, the results were insignificant and the study did not achieve ideal power. Conclusions: The descriptive statistical results enumerated in this study do not reveal any applicable trends relating to the use of MTM services at-large. Despite these findings, however, all patients who commented on the intervention provided positive feedback. Further research is encouraged to appropriately assess the value of pharmacist-delivered MTM at prescription pick-up.
Campus Venue
Stevens Student Center
Cedarville, OH
Start Date
4-12-2017 11:00 AM
End Date
4-12-2017 2:00 PM
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
Citation Information
Danielle E. Baker, Colin J. Behm, Bryan Feldmann, Jeremy Flikkema, et al.. "Patients’ Perceptions of Pharmacist Intervention Through Pre-Screened Medication Therapy Management Service" (2017)
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