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Impact of Using Team-based Learning in Patient Education on Diabetes Outcomes
American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting
  • Tracy R. Frame, Belmont University
  • Juanita A. Draime, Cedarville University
  • Thaddeus T. Franz, Cedarville University
Document Type
Poster Session
Baltimore, MD
Event Date
  • Team-based learning,
  • diabetes,
  • patient education
Objectives: To examine differences in clinical and other outcomes in Type 2 diabetic patients who received education utilizing either traditional didactic-based or team-based learning (TBL) teaching methods. Method: This study utilized a randomized, pretest-posttest control group design. Patients were randomly assigned to the control (lecture-based) or intervention (TBL) group. Each group attended four classes over a 12 week period. Patient outcomes measured included clinical (fasting blood glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, weight and blood pressure) and other assessments (knowledge, self-management behaviors and quality of life (QOL)) at baseline (prior to classes), 3 months (at completion of classes) and 6 months. Within group and between group changes were assessed.Results: A total of 57 patients (n 5 27 control, n 5 30 intervention) were enrolled. There were no significant differences between groups for clinical markers or other assessments. There were no significant changes in clinical markers over time in the control group, but the intervention group showed significant decreases in weight (p 5 0.036), systolic blood pressure (p,0.001) and diastolic blood pressure (p 5 0.007). There were significant increases in other outcomes over the study period in the control group (self-efficacy (p 5 0.045), overall QOL (p,0.001)) and TBL group (self-efficacy (p5 0.032), diabetes knowledge (p 5 0.004)). Implications: While there were no significant differences seen between groups, there were clear benefits within the intervention group in regard to clinical markers and diabetes knowledge. While traditional education is beneficial for patients, TBL provides patients with an opportunity to apply information they are learning in a new way and could be considered when providing patient health education.
Citation Information
Tracy R. Frame, Juanita A. Draime and Thaddeus T. Franz. "Impact of Using Team-based Learning in Patient Education on Diabetes Outcomes" American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting (2016)
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