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Transition to school: Continuity and pedagogy
Hong Kong Institute of Education (2013)
  • Tess Boyle, Southern Cross University
Pedagogical differences between early years teachers have been identified as contributing to discontinuity when children transition from the prior-to-school to the school sector. In Australia early years education spans the prior-to-school and school sector. The aim of this cross-sectoral study was to investigate how teachers construct and define pedagogy and whether a shared understanding of points of convergence and divergence might lead to greater continuity during transition to school. Preliminary findings of this and previous pilot studies reveal fundamental differences in the way teachers across sectors define and enact pedagogy. Models of transition to school that suggest continuity might be achieved through pedagogical homogeneity have been resisted by both sectors. Participatory action research is used to investigate how philosophical and pedagogical differences between the sectors influence continuity during transition. Adopting a critical theoretical approach enables cross-sectoral dialogue and reflection to re-frame taken for granted assumptions and beliefs in order to transform practice and policy.
Publication Date
August, 2013
Citation Information
Tess Boyle. "Transition to school: Continuity and pedagogy" Hong Kong Institute of Education (2013)
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