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The embryotoxic and osteolathyrogenic effects of semicarbazide
Toxicology (1985)
  • Terry W Schultz, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • J N Dumont
  • R G Epler

The osteolathyrogenic agent semicarbazide was assayed for its toxicity and teratogenicity using early embryos of the frog Xenopus laevis. The 96-h LC50 is 1504.20 mg/l while the 96-h EC50 is 76.28 mg/l. Embryo length is altered prior to the onset of other effects indicated by a reduction in stage of development. The major malformation is associated with the notochord where the notochordal sheath is reduced owing to the disruption in the maturation and/or deposition of the connective tissue fibers.

Publication Date
August, 1985
Citation Information
Terry W Schultz, J N Dumont and R G Epler. "The embryotoxic and osteolathyrogenic effects of semicarbazide" Toxicology Vol. 36 Iss. 2-3 (1985)
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