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Challenges to Labour History
  • Terry Irving, University of Wollongong

The decline of the labour movement in the 1980s and 1990s robbed labour history of its elan as 'history with a social purpose', and the rise of postmodernism devalued the attempt by labour historians to grasp social reality as a whole. Today there is a commonly expressed feeling that labour history is experiencing a crisis. The first three essays in this volume are historiographical; then four essays engage with the challenges posed by post-modernism and cultural theory; and finally four essays present examples of the ways in which theoretical reappraisals can shape the writing of labour history.

  • Labour history,
  • public sphere,
  • marxism,
  • Australia
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University of New South Wales Press
The Modern History Series
0 86840 118 8
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Terry Irving. Challenges to Labour History. Sydney(1994)
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