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"Labour History and its Political Role - A New Landscape
  • Terry Irving, University of Wollongong

This address to a centenary issue forum for the Australian journal, "Labour History", focused on the political role of the journal in academic circles. It discussed the politics involved in the journal's foundation and the political implications of the redefinition of its field by Van der Linden, especially his use of the distinction between labour as toil and creative work. It is also a distinction made by recent 'autonomist' theorists. The article concludes by recommending that the journal should drop its present subtitle; that labour historians should pay more attention to the theoretical discussions of (working) class, multitude and subalternity; and that the journal should encourage work on contemporary struggles of working people outside of the labour movement.

  • labour,
  • history,
  • politics,
  • autonomist,
  • multitude,
  • anti-globalization
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Terry Irving. ""Labour History and its Political Role - A New Landscape" (2013)
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