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Youth in Australia - Policy, Administration and Politics
  • Terry Irving, University of Wollongong
  • David Maunders
  • Geoff Sherington, University of Sydney

This book describes and analyses the development of youth policy in Australia since the end of World War II. Three eras are distinguished in terms of how society constructed youth as a problem: as juvenile delinquency (to 1960); as a generation gap (to the mid-1970s); and most recently as a wasted resource (1975-1990). In each period chapters cover: the social and demographic context and images of young people; policy development; bureaucratic structures; and the politics of youth and youth policy.

  • Youth,
  • youth policy,
  • youth work,
  • youth movement,
  • students,
  • Australia
Publication Date
Macmillan Education Australia
0 7329 1920 7
Citation Information
Terry Irving, David Maunders and Geoff Sherington. Youth in Australia - Policy, Administration and Politics. Melbourne(1995)
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