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Intimate partner homicide, the media and the Baden-Clay case
The Conversation (2014)
  • Terry J Goldsworthy

When Brisbane man Gerard Baden-Clay rang police to report his wife Allison missing on April 20, 2012, he set in motion a series of events that would lead to his arrest, trial and ultimately his conviction for her murder. He has been sentenced to life in prison. But why did this particular domestic homicide case grab the attention of the media and the public? What made it different from the many other domestic homicides that occur? And how prevalent is intimate partner homicide in Australia?

  • domestic violence,
  • murder,
  • intimate partner homicide
Publication Date
Summer July 15, 2014
Citation Information
Terry J Goldsworthy. "Intimate partner homicide, the media and the Baden-Clay case" The Conversation (2014)
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