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How Service-Learning in Spanish Speaks to the Crisis in the Humanities
  • Terri Carney, Butler University
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Service-learning is a transformational pedagogy with timely application to the teaching and learning of foreign languages. In our current climate of assessment outcomes, language study and the humanities more generally tend to be devalued and rendered invisible by utilitarian models of evaluation. Incorporating service-learning courses and experiences into the foreign language classroom provides real- world immersion for students in their local linguistic and cultural communities, satisfies teachers’ desires to connect teaching and research to local community issues, and allows departments to meet institutional and educational goals. Indeed, service-learning points us to new definitions of old concepts—such as the role of the professor and the mission of the university—and embodies the paradoxes we must embrace in the new century.


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Carney, Terri M. "How Service-Learning in Spanish Speaks to the Crisis in the Humanities." Hispania 96.2 (2013): 229-37. doi: 10.1353/hpn.2013.0035.