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Cooperative Design of Research Modules: How We Did It Right... and Wrong
Designing for Digital (2018)
  • Terri Holtze, University of Louisville
  • Amber Willenborg, University of Louisville
By exploring the creation process of a research modules project, this presentation identifies barriers to effective communication and outlines best practices for achieving an excellent end product from a cross-departmental design project. From conceptualization to design, we’ll explore how elements were combined to create a cohesive whole directing students through the research process efficiently and effectively. Learn about incorporating material from external partners and recommendations on improving the process of cooperative design.
  • web design,
  • libraries,
  • organizational communication,
  • online tutorials
Publication Date
Spring March 5, 2018
Austin, RX
Citation Information
Terri Holtze and Amber Willenborg. "Cooperative Design of Research Modules: How We Did It Right... and Wrong" Designing for Digital (2018)
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