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Thermal Convection and the Origin of Ice Streams
Journal of Glaciology
  • Terence J. Hughes, University of Maine - Main
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Ice streams are a fact of ice-sheet dynamics, draining up to 90% of the ice. Thermal convection in ice below the density inversion is a speculation. An attempt is made to meld the two in such a way that the speculation becomes an explanation for the fact.
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Hughes, T, 2009, Thermal Convection and the Origin of Ice Streams: Journal of Glaciology, v. 55, p. 524-536. Available on publisher's site at:
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© Copyright 2009 by the International Glaciological Society
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Terence J. Hughes. "Thermal Convection and the Origin of Ice Streams" Journal of Glaciology Vol. 55 Iss. 191 (2009) p. 524 - 536
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