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A Historical Background to Anthropology in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
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  • Terence E Hays, Rhode Island College
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Department of Anthropology
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This work is a historical background of the early days of how and why anthropological fieldwork was conducted and includes the viewpoints of those who were actually there. Hays, like many others, made his region choice of the Papua New Guinea Highlands based on his imense interest and literature reviews of which happened to be in the literature of the Highlands with works by L.L. Langness, Kenneth E. Read, and James B. Watson. Hays also called upon conversations he had with David Cole and Kerry Pataki-Schweizer for his precise location choice. Hays discusses the early ethnographers during the colonial period and the basis for choice making, expectations, what they wanted to achieve, and the impact on the intellectual and social legacy of this field.

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Terence E Hays. "A Historical Background to Anthropology in the Papua New Guinea Highlands" (1992)
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