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Language and Living Things
Faculty Publications
  • Terence E. Hays, Rhode Island College
Uniformities in Folk Classification and Naming / Book Review
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Book Review
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Dept. of Anthropology
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Ethnobiology is often regarded as a quaint and excessively particularistic specialty, as its modern practitioners trace the complexities and subtleties of specific systems of folk classification and nomenclature. Their finegrained descriptions and elegant analyses are at once too “thick” and too “thin” for most nonspecialists, who, in any event, await syntheses of what has been learned from such inquiries, preferably in the form of comparative studies in the tradition of anthropology’s concern with generalizations that illuminate the wider human condition. Rising to this challenge, Cecil Brown has long pursued, in numerous papers and now in this book, crosscultural “uniformities” as these might be revealed by worldwide, large-scale comparisons.

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Terence E. Hays. "Language and Living Things" (1985)
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