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Implications of a Greater Sage-Grouse Listing on Western Energy Development
NARDeP Policy Brief (2014)
  • Temple Stoellinger, University of Wyoming
If you are looking for oil and gas, coal, or wind energy potential, just look for Sage-Grouse. I’ve heard this tongue-in-cheek statement expressed several times lately, a result of the frustration associated with developing energy projects in Greater Sage-Grouse (Sage-Grouse) habitat. This convergence of Sage-Grouse habitat with energy development has produced a complexity that
will only intensify if the Sage-Grouse is listed as an endangered or threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This policy brief discusses potential impacts on energy development in the West that may result if the Sage-Grouse is listed, and it offers policy recommendations on actions that can be taken to reduce the impact of a listing. 
  • sage grouse,
  • energy development,
  • endangered species act
Publication Date
Summer June, 2014
Citation Information
Temple Stoellinger. "Implications of a Greater Sage-Grouse Listing on Western Energy Development" NARDeP Policy Brief Vol. Policy Brief 33 (2014)
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