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Cost-Effective High-Performance Local Mobility Study Using Structured Public Involvement: Case Study of Versailles, Kentucky
TRB 93rd Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers (2014)
  • Keiron Bailey, University of Arizona
  • Theodore H. Grossardt, University of Kentucky
  • F. Thomas Creasey
Cities are facing hard choices regarding transportation options. Mobility and access alternatives entail financial, environmental and other costs that impact different groups in different ways. Environmental Justice (EJ) is mandated. Public involvement is essential, and, in the face of tight budgets, public involvement protocols must be as efficient as possible and they must offer maximum documented performance. The Structured Public Involvement or SPI protocol developed by the authors has been applied successfully to a wide range of infrastructure planning and design questions. These protocols have demonstrated high performance across four criteria including C, clarity of design guidance and Q, anonymous real-time stakeholder process evaluations. This research reports on the cost-effective adaptation of an SPI protocol for a local-scale mobility study for Versailles, KY. The integration of public input data into a rational decision framework is explained. This research demonstrates a practical, efficient and high-performance method of involving citizens cost-effectively in local scale mobility option development and evaluation. Using a performance Q-metric of anonymous, real-time participant evaluation at open public meetings to measure process quality encourages more sustainable outcomes, both in terms of engineering outcomes and process legitimacy. Land use decisionmakers found the data useful. This study demonstrates (a) that high performance public involvement is not diametrically opposed to small-scale questions or local budgets and (b) that certain EJ aims are supported by such high performance public involvement delivery. The need for complementary EJ process and limits to the overall process design are considered.
  • Structured Public Involvement,
  • Mobility,
  • Environmental Justice
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Keiron Bailey, Theodore H. Grossardt and F. Thomas Creasey. "Cost-Effective High-Performance Local Mobility Study Using Structured Public Involvement: Case Study of Versailles, Kentucky" TRB 93rd Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers (2014)
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