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Interrelated Consumer Preference and Voluntary Exchange
Papers in Quantitative Economics (1971)
  • Ted Bergstrom, University of California, Santa Barbara

This paper presents a model of interrelated preferences for pairs of individuals. It investigates the possibility of an equilibrium with voluntary transactions. It identifies the puzzling case of two people who disagree because each wants the other to have the better part and shows that if this is assumed away, then there exists a competitive equilibrium with voluntary bilateral gifts.

  • benevolence,
  • gifts,
  • efficiency,
  • bilateral transfers,
  • nonmalevolence,
  • household economics
Publication Date
March, 1971
Arvid Zarley
Kansas University Press
Citation Information
Ted Bergstrom. "Interrelated Consumer Preference and Voluntary Exchange" Lawrence, KAPapers in Quantitative Economics Vol. II (1971)
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