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Mississippi Fiddle Tunes, Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018
  • T. DeWayne Moore, Prairie View A&M University
  • Harry Bolick
  • Tony Russell
  • David Evans
  • Joyce H Cauthen
This books contains biographies of African American fiddlers who never recorded due to the segregation of sound--Theodore Harris, Allen Alsop, and Prince McCoy, the highly versatile musician and string band leader who inspired W.C. Handy in Cleveland, Mississippi in 1905. Whereas ethnomusicologists have long associated the musical repertoires of African American musicians with their recorded output in the recording industry, the lived experiences and repertoires of there artists were always dynamic and versatile. It also contains newly composed, fresh, and richly contextualized biographies of other African American fiddlers, such as Alonzo Chatmon, Harry Chatmon, Thomas Jefferson Dumas, Sid Hemphill Sr., as well as white Mississippi fiddlers such as Eugene Clardy and Willie Narmour.

  • Mississippi,
  • fiddlers,
  • segregation of sound,
  • blues,
  • hillbilly
Publication Date
September 30, 2021
Harry Bolick and Tony Russell
University Press of Mississippi
Citation Information
T. DeWayne Moore, Harry Bolick, Tony Russell, David Evans, et al.. Mississippi Fiddle Tunes, Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018. Jackson, MS(2021)
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