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The adoption of recovery-based practice: the organisation's journey
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences - Papers (Archive)
  • Trevor P Crowe, University of Wollongong
  • Alex Couley, SNAP
  • Pedro Diaz, Aftercare
  • Seiji Humphries, Richmond Fellowship Queensland
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Crowe, TP, Couley, A, Diaz, P & Humphries, S, The adoption of recovery-based practice: the organisation's journey, New Paradigm, 2007, June 51-57.

In this article we describe the implementation of the CRM and describe it in terms of how three non-government mental health organisations responded to the call to increase their recovery-focussed practices. Although located in three different Australian states, servicing metropolitan, regional, and rural populations, the three organisations independently introduced very similar protocols to transfer recovery-focussed training into routine practice. The introduction of these implementation protocols is discussed in terms of the organisations developmental journeys and its parallels with a model of consumer recovery journeys.
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Trevor P Crowe, Alex Couley, Pedro Diaz and Seiji Humphries. "The adoption of recovery-based practice: the organisation's journey" (2007) p. 51 - 57
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