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Complete View of Stark Wave-packet Evolution
Physical Review A
  • M. B. Campbell, University of Virginia - Main Campus
  • Thomas J. Bensky, University of Virginia - Main Campus
  • Robert R. Jones, University of Virginia - Main Campus
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Picosecond laser pulses have been used to produce Rydberg wave packets in calcium atoms in the presence of a strong static electric field. The dynamics of the Stark wave packets have been observed by measuring the momentum-space probability distribution as a function of time. The full precession of the electronic orbital angular momentum, the appearance of a large-amplitude, linear oscillation of the electronic dipole moment, and a pronounced, periodic up-down asymmetry in the momentum distribution are all observed directly.
Citation Information
M. B. Campbell, Thomas J. Bensky and Robert R. Jones. "Complete View of Stark Wave-packet Evolution" Physical Review A Vol. 59 Iss. 6 (1999) p. R4117 - R4120
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