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North-South Trade and the Environment
Quarterly Journal of Economics (1994)
  • M. Scott Taylor, University of Calgary
  • Brian A. Copeland

A simple static model of North-South trade is developed to examine linkages between national income, pollution, and international trade. Two countries produce a continuum of goods, each differing in pollution intensity. We show that the higher income country chooses stronger environmental protection, and specializes in relatively clean goods. By isolating the scale, composition, and technique effects of international trade on pollution, we show that free trade increases world pollution; an increase in the Rich North's production possibilities increases pollution, while similar growth in the poor South lowers pollution; and unilateral transfers from North to South reduce worldwide pollution.

Publication Date
August, 1994
Citation Information
M. Scott Taylor and Brian A. Copeland. "North-South Trade and the Environment" Quarterly Journal of Economics Vol. 109 Iss. 3 (1994)
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