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Trade and the Environment: Theory and Evidence
  • M. Scott Taylor, University of Calgary
  • Brian A. Copeland, University of British Columbia

“Copeland and Taylor have opened the way to a better dialogue between economists and environmentalists. Their book will surely take its place on the shelves of trade economists and environmentalists.”—James Anderson, Journal of International Economics

“[A] well-written book. . . . As Copeland and Taylor make clear, there is a good deal of scope for additional research on the topic of trade and environment, and this book provides a great starting point for such research.” —Josh Ederington, World Trade Review

“This book is systematically developed and well presented.” —Richard N. Cooper, Environment

“This well-written book goes right to the jugular, presenting an integrated, coherent view of the ‘trade and environment’ issue.” —James Cassing, University of Pittsburgh

“This book provides a unified presentation of important themes relating to international trade and the environment. There is no team better qualified to write such a book, and there are no close substitutes to this book.”—Larry Karp, University of California, Berkeley

Publication Date
July, 2003
Gene M. Grossman and Oliver Gourinchas
Princeton University Press
Citation Information
M. Scott Taylor and Brian A. Copeland. Trade and the Environment: Theory and Evidence. (2003)
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