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Unpublished Paper
We Are Not Jane Doe
  • Roberto D Taufick, Stanford University

This paper gives an overview of the implications of perennial government surveillance -- both foreign defense and domestic oriented -- over privacy matters. I claim that people seem to be far more uncomfortable when data is shared beyond their intuition. But the truth, as mentioned by US Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith, is that, unlike criminals -- who get knowledge that they had been spied as charges are pressed against them --, innocent citizens are seldom aware that they have been spied. I also suggest that today, due to electronic intelligence activities, a strong Executive can be virtually omniscient and therefore much more powerful than the other branches -- breaking the checks and balances that have for so long characterized the modern Western democracies.

  • surveillance; privacy; foreign defense; security; intermediary liability; the least cost avoider rule; balance of powers.
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Roberto D Taufick. "We Are Not Jane Doe" (2015)
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