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Realising Peace Potential of Constitution
The Kathmandu Post (2017)
  • Tatsushi Arai
To realize the promise of the 2015 constitution that ensures federalism, democracy, and republicanism, the Nepali government, civil society, and diverse identity groups must develop a multi-layered understanding of governance and adopt a proactive policy of defensive defense and regional peacemaking. Local elections scheduled in the spring of 2017 will become a crucial step in realizing inclusive governance and development at the grassroots level.

Article found on p. 6 of the print version in PDF format, which can be downloaded.

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YouTube video of a public seminar on February 4, 2017 at King's College, Kathmandu, which addressed the same subject as the focus of this article, is available at:
  • Nepal,
  • federalism,
  • democracy,
  • constitution,
  • governance,
  • defense,
  • India,
  • China
Publication Date
February 20, 2017
Citation Information
Tatsushi Arai. "Realising Peace Potential of Constitution" The Kathmandu Post (2017) p. 6
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