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FightDUICharges Law is a premier national DUI defense lawyer organization focusing on Driving Under the Influence Defense, Ignition Interlock device cost help, and saving a driver's license from getting suspended at the first DMV hearing. Our expert legal counselors offer an eliteteam of skilled multi-lingual ignition interlock attorneys teamed up with former prosecutors and & police officers.
The relation between drunk driving and ignition interlock laws are one of the most complex areas of legal issues. FightDUICharges is recognized as a specialist in DUI-related defense and minimizing the consequences of DUI charges for 1st time offenders. The organization provides multi-lingual legal services to drivers from all backgrounds.
If your driver's license is on the line due to a DUI or DWI charge or arrest, you need an expert DUI lawyer to properly protect you and fight the case in court. Our experienced attorneys have had great success in DUI courts across the country, with a strong record of acquittals, reductions in charges, and winning a case dismissal. Our prime legal areas of focus are:
– Fighting DUI and DWI charges
– Saving a driver's license from suspension
– Avoiding an Ignition Interlock device when possible
– Keeping a criminal record clear


FightDUICharges Law
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