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Unpublished Paper
Much Ado About What We Do: What Would Adam Smith Say?
  • Tarnell S Brown, Liberty University

Much has been made of the role of income inequality in causing civil unrest. The defenders of the market system decry such accusations, pointing to the benefits that wealth creation bring to society as a whole. The proponents of wealth and income distribution point to such factors as inferior health and education, which ostensibly mute opportunities for advancement. Both sides of the Aisle often point to Adam Smith as the originator of their ideals. This paper seeks to research the relevant literature and reach a conclusion as to what Smith would say regarding this issue, and whether he would favor any one side over the other.

Publication Date
Spring 2011
Citation Information
Tarnell S Brown. "Much Ado About What We Do: What Would Adam Smith Say?" (2011)
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