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About Tanya Saroj Bakhru

"I believe strongly that the classroom is a site which has the potential to house each student’s own human revolution and will in turn transform the community around her," says Women's Studies prof Dr. Tanya Bakhru. "Every time I enter the classroom, I feel there is an opportunity to engage students in an integrating process by which they gain an awareness of the interdependence of themselves, others, and their environment."
Professor Bakhru received her doctoral degree in Women's Studies from University College Dublin in Ireland under the supervision of Ailbhe Smyth. Before coming to SJSU she taught as a lecturer in Women's Studies at San Diego State University.
Program director Shahin Gerami notes that Professor Bakhru's background in Reproductive Health and Globalization strengthens the department's breadth, "Tanya makes important contributions as we continue to build an exciting and student-focused program." Dr. Bakhru research interests include feminist contestations of globalization and global reproductive justice movements.
Globalization and diversity are key issues for Prof. Bakhru. "I urge my students on to see themselves as global citizens, transcending self-seeking egoism and to see their lives as linked with all of humanity," she says. "I really want my students to cultivate the courage not to fear or passively deny difference but rather to actively respect and learn from differences between people and gain something positive from that experience."
Bakhru sees Women's Studies playing an important role in transforming the curriculum, and student lives. "Women's Studies is for everyone, not just female identified individuals. Taking Women's Studies classes can provide a revolutionary way of looking at the world and a sense of empowerment to contribute to society in a way that creates value, equality, and justice."
So far, she has found SJSU students compelling and inspiring. "Each one of my students seems to have a compelling story to share and I am really inspired by the determination of many of my students to pursue an education while juggling many other aspects of their lives, sometimes enduring difficult circumstances."
Professor Bakhru teaches introductory courses (WOMS10 and WOMS 101) and the department's newest course, Global Women (WOMS 102).


Present Associate Professor, San Jose State University Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


2007 Ph.D., University College Dublin ‐ Women’s Studies
2003 M.A., San Diego State University ‐ Women’s Studies
2001 B.M., University of Redlands ‐ Violin Performance

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