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An inventory of environmental regulation pertaining to rail in Australia
CRC for Rail Innovation
  • Tania von der Heidt, Southern Cross University
  • Rachel Ryan, Southern Cross University
  • Michael B Charles, Southern Cross University
  • Rocco Zito, University of South Australia
  • Christopher Collier, RailCorp
  • Brett Hughes, Australasian Railway Association
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The main pieces of environmental regulation that may need to be considered by rail organisations operating in Australia are summarised. A preliminary analysis of this environmental regulation is provided with a view to developing options for improving the environmental regulation of rail. This document may serve as the basis for further research into and discussion of pertinent regulatory issues and reform possibilities.
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von der Heidt, T, Ryan, R, Charles, MB, Zito, R, Collier, C & Hughes, B 2008, 'An inventory of environmental regulation pertaining to rail in Australia', inventory report for CRC for Rail Innovation.

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