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About Ms. TANG Mo-lin, Moureen

Ms. Tang is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management. With more than twenty years' teaching experience, she has been teaching courses in the disciplines of management and human resource management, both at undergraduate and MBA level. She has also taught executives for International MBA and Executive MBA programmes in Mainland China. As a member of the Association for Psychological Type, U.S.A. and Management Trainer Club in Hong Kong, she has helped training teachers and managerial staff of business companies. Her major research interests include issues in business ethics; OB related areas such as stress management, learning behavior, and team building; development of entrepreneurs and leadership; human resource management areas such as employment equity for women, performance management and compensation management.


Present Part-Time Lecturer, Lingnan University Department of Management

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Tel.: (852) 2616-8307
Fax: (852) 2467-0982
Room: SEK102/8


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