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Using focus groups for program planning and evaluation
The Journal of School Nursing (2008)
  • Tami H Wyatt, University of Tennessee
  • P B Krauskopf
  • R Davidson
School nurses often find themselves developing health-related programs for children and adolescents. One way to create compelling and interesting programs that meet the needs of students is to include them in the planning, development, and evaluation of such programs through focus groups. Children provide a perspective about their particular needs, interests, and understandings that cannot be obtained from adults or health care professionals. When children take part in program planning, the programs become more appealing to children because of the feedback from their perspective. This article describes ways focus groups can be used to examine the effectiveness and usability of health-related programs. Included is a discussion of the pros and cons of using focus groups with school-age children for planning and evaluating programs and guidelines for conducting focus groups.
  • children,
  • focus group methodology,
  • program evaluation,
  • program planning,
  • school nurses
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Tami H Wyatt, P B Krauskopf and R Davidson. "Using focus groups for program planning and evaluation" The Journal of School Nursing Vol. 24 Iss. 2 (2008)
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