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Allocating data and workload among multiple servers in a local area network
Information Systems (1995)
  • H. Lee
  • Taeho Park, San Jose State University
Local area networks (LANs) have become indispensable in today's highly competitive business environment. A LAN connects multiple file servers for many concurrent information retrievals. The system administrator has to resolve two allocation problems, workload and data. The allocation decisions are interrelated; a transaction is routed to the server that contains the data items requested. Affinity-based workload allocation is employed, and the database is thus fragmented into data files that are allocated across multiple servers. The paper's two primary objectives are (i) to provide a rationale for workload and data allocation and (ii) to present an analytical model which will attain effective allocation policies. The integrated problem is presented in the form of a nonlinear zero-one integer program. A special structure of the problem is employed to demonstrate the complexity of the problem, and to propose an algorithm.
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H. Lee and Taeho Park. "Allocating data and workload among multiple servers in a local area network" Information Systems Vol. 20 Iss. 3 (1995)
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