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Using multimodal writing to motivate struggling students to write
TechTrends (2015)
  • Brett Darrington, University of Wyoming
  • Tonia A. Dousay, University of Wyoming
One of the reasons that many secondary students fail English classes is because they are not motivated to write. This literature review was conducted to look into the use of multimodal works to increase the motivation for struggling students to write. Change theory was used to evaluate the benefits of multimodal works compared to more traditional writing projects. Overall, multimodal works were found to be motivating to students as compared to traditional, paper-based writing assignments. The review also raises concerns about accountability and feasibility for students and teachers who take on multimodal projects and concludes with recommendations for teachers who want to use multimodal works in their classrooms.
  • change theory,
  • motivation,
  • multimodal writing,
  • secondary students
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Brett Darrington and Tonia A. Dousay. "Using multimodal writing to motivate struggling students to write" TechTrends Vol. 59 Iss. 6 (2015)
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