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About Tabitha E H Moses

I earned my B.A. in Cognitive Science and Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University, and am in my final semester of an M.S. in Biotechnology program, also at Johns Hopkins. In the summer, I will begin classes towards an M.P.H. degree at George Washington University in order to enhance my statistical and epidemiological knowledge.
I am currently working in public health research with a plan to pursue both medicine and neuroscience research in the coming years. My focus is in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, and I hope to study further issues of mental health and addiction. Connected to my passion for all things medical and brain related is an interest in bioethics and neuroethics. Within these particular ethical field I am currently focused on physician mental health, the ethical implications of neurotechnological advances, and ethical issues associated with mental illness and addiction treatments.


Present Faculty Member, George Washington University