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JETstream Volume 1 Issue 2
JETstream Newsletter
  • Nancy Anzalone, Molloy College
  • Albert Neal, Molloy College
  • Shikha Joseph, Molloy College
  • Tabitha Ochtera, Molloy College
  • Curt Friehs, Molloy College
  • Tim Hasin, Molloy College
  • Nikki Palumbo, Molloy College
  • Madeleine Nash, Molloy College
  • Susan Bloom, Molloy College
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The JET Library kicked off 2017 with an always well-received event, our annual “Beat the Blahs” Party, sponsored by the Office of the President. This year, we featured a dessert table where members of the Molloy Community brought in their favorite desserts to share with everyone. We also held our first JET Bake-off, with Karen Cusumano, Executive Assistant in the President’s Office, being awarded a “Certificate in Excellence in Baking” with her “Classic Sour Cream Cheese Cake.” Requests have been received by the library asking if she will share her recipe! Although we definitely did enjoy a delicious feast, I think the consensus is unanimous when I say that the best part of the event was being able to spend time with everyone, engaging in good conversation, laughter and blintzes. In 2016, we welcomed several new members to the library; Tabitha Ochtera, Shikha Joseph and Sean Williams whom we look forward to you getting to know in our “Welcoming our New Additions” section. Theresa Rienzo, Associate Librarian Health Sciences and Head of Patron Services, an integral member of the JET Library is featured in our “Spotlight” article. A new column titled “What we are reading” was added, where our librarians and staff share their opinions on books from our collection. Among the various other articles, we would like to bring special attention to the “Did you know?” article where you can learn more about a new resource recently activated in the Ovid database, as well as SWANK, one of JET Library’s streaming video databases. Last but certainly not least, meet JET Library’s Official Mascot, Luciano.

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Nancy Anzalone, Albert Neal, Shikha Joseph, Tabitha Ochtera, et al.. "JETstream Volume 1 Issue 2" (2017)
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