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Bubbles without cores
Physical Review D (1988)
  • T. C. Shen, Utah State University

The decay of a false vacuum in a theory without a true vacuum is studied. Using variational arguments, we find that for a class of potentials of the type aφi+bφi (a>0, b<0 and i2φ2—ηφ3+ λφ4 is presented to discuss the transition from a thin-wall bubble to a thick-walled one. The validity conditions of using these solutions to describe the false vacuum decay within the framework of the semiclassical approximation are discussed.

  • bubbles,
  • cores
Publication Date
January 1, 1988
Citation Information
T. C. Shen, "Bubbles without cores," Phys. Rev. D37, 3537-3542 (1988).