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The Influence of Differing the Paths to an Incentive on Third-Graders' Reading Achievement and Attitudes
Reading Psychology
  • P. Fawson
  • R. Reutzel
  • Sylvia Read, Utah State University
  • J. Smith
  • S. Moore
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Taylor & Francis
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The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of four incentive paths on third-graders’ reading vocabulary and comprehension achievement and recreational and academic reading attitude. 120 third-grade students were assigned to one of four incentive path treatment conditions. Data were analyzed using ANCOVA with LSD post hoc comparisons. An effect size of .09 was calculated using a partial ŋ2 (eta squared) statistic. Findings indicated that the four incentive path treatment conditions did not differentially impact student vocabulary, comprehension, and recreational reading. A significant difference for students’ academic reading attitude was identified across the four incentive path treatment conditions.

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Citation Information
Fawson, P., Reutzel, R., Read, S., Smith, J., Moore, S. (in press). The influence of differing the paths to an incentive on third-graders' reading achievement and attitudes. Reading Psychology.