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Information Acquisition and Investment Decisions on the Internet: An Empirical Investigation
Marketing Management Journal
  • Syed H. Akhter, Marquette University
  • Pervaiz Alam, Kent State University
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Marketing Management Association

With intensifying competition, the significance of understanding customer characteristics related to information acquisition and decision making on the Internet has increased. An understanding of customer characteristics can become a crucial element in the development and implementation of marketing strategy. This paper examines the influence of some key demographic and psychological variables on information acquisition and investment decisions on the Internet, related to mutual funds. Findings indicate that product familiarity, age, and information breadth significantly influenced information acquisition. For investment decisions on the Internet, in addition to the above-mentioned variables, sex and overconfidence was also significant.


Published version. Marketing Management Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1 (Spring 2001): 94-100. Publisher link. © 2001 Marketing Management Association. Used with permission.

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Syed H. Akhter and Pervaiz Alam. "Information Acquisition and Investment Decisions on the Internet: An Empirical Investigation" Marketing Management Journal (2001) ISSN: 1534-973X
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