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About Syed H. Akhter

Dr. Syed H. Akhter is Professor of Marketing in the Marketing Department at Marquette University. His research interests include foreign market entry strategies, globalization, e-commerce, and consumer psychology. He has published extensively in leading international business and marketing journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, International Trade Journal, Business Horizons, and Journal of Advertising. He has published two books, Global Marketing and Strategic Marketing and Guest Edited special issues of the Journal of Direct Marketing on International Direct Marketing and a special issue of the Journal of Interactive Marketing on International Interactive Marketing. Dr. Akhter conducts global marketing and strategic planning seminars internationally.


Present Chair, Department of Marketing, Marquette University
Present Professor of Marketing, Marquette University


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  • MARK 3001: Introduction to Marketing
  • MARK 4110: Marketing Management
  • MARK 4040: International Marketing
  • MARK 6100: Marketing Management
  • MARK 6140: Global Marketing Strategy
  • MARK 6953: Globalization and Business Strategy

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