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What's on the Horizon for Oregon Planners?
Journal of the American Planning Association (2004)
  • Deborah Howe, Portland State University
  • Carl Abbott, Portland State University
  • Sy Adler, Portland State University

At 30 years old, the Oregon land use planning system is under stress. It has been fine tuned over the years, but the state's economy has changed significantly since the 1970s, challenging the emphasis on resource protection. In addition, profound value changes call into question the notion of one Oregon working toward common interests. Under the auspices of the Oregon chapter of the American Planning Association (OAPA), planners have taken leadership in constructively critiquing the land use system and offering recommendations for change. OAPA has an increasingly effective role with the legislature, and in that capacity has advanced the importance of planning. This Longer View offers suggestions on what else can be done to reaffirm Oregon's approach to land use planning and to adapt the system to changing circumstances.

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Deborah Howe, Carl Abbott and Sy Adler. "What's on the Horizon for Oregon Planners?" Journal of the American Planning Association Vol. 70 Iss. 4 (2004)
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