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Dr. Oguz Akbilgic

Associate Professor


  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Other Computer Sciences
  • Programming Languages and Compilers

Research Interests

  • Our main research focus is to use data science approach to create new clinical decision-making tools and improve existing ones. To do that, we utilize data from multiple sources including but not limited to electronic health records, bedside monitors, wearables, social media, and government sources. Our research group is experienced in machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical modeling, signal processing, and optimization to transform data into actionable knowledge. We also contribute to data science literature by development of novel artificial intelligence and statistical modelling methods. Some of our specific applications are early identification of Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease risk prediction, arrhythmia detection and prediction, post-surgical mortality and morbidity prediction, symptom and comorbidity networks, informatics approach to social determinants of health, and microbiome research.