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Bali 2016 ICCIC
  • Suzy Suzanna Azeharie, Tarumanagara University
This paper tries to describe the transformation impact of a small village named Tulungrejo Village in Pare District, East Java which traditionally was an agricultural based-village. This transformation has been going on gradually since 1977 basically when one small and modest English course was formed. Ever since the villagers who used to work  as traditional farmers and working in the fields and depending on the planting season or harvest nowadays but have a livelihood in services, trade, open food stalls, English courses, pharmacies and bicycle rental. An atmosphere of mutual cooperation and mutual help slowly vanished and turned into business life with a competitive atmosphere.
The paper also wants to see how the shifting has an impact to the villagers. The street vendors have been chosen because they were interacted to the students of English courses in that village by using English.
                   The method of research used in this study is descriptive qualitative research.  Descriptive study aims to collect detailed information in order to describe the actual symptoms.  The other objective is to identify the problem and observe the conditions or practices that exist
                  The data used in this study was obtained through direct field observations as well as interview with number of villagers.
                              The researcher also studied various documents related to the topic.
  • tranformation,
  • community,
  • english kampong
Publication Date
Spring May 25, 2016
Suzy Azeharie , Wulan Purnama Sari
Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Tarumanagara
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Suzy Suzanna Azeharie. Bali 2016 ICCIC. 1JakartaVol. 1 (2016)
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