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Literacy & the competencies: teachers' perspectives
  • Suzanne Mellor, ACER
  • Graeme Withers, ACER
  • Margaret Batten, ACER
  • J McQueen, ACER
  • I Carthy

The broad aim of the research was to investigate the impact that competency based approaches to postcompulsory schooling might have on school based literacy curricula and assessment practices. Using qualitative material derived from case studies of schools in all States and Territories, together with quantitative analyses of recent and detailed information provided by practitioners, the authors provide evidence of how the key competencies from the Mayer Report already inform curriculum and are integrated into classroom teaching. The book also uncovers the many ways in which schools design and provide quality literacy education for their students, while having due regard for the diverse vocational opportunities which students may wish to take up. In particular, the dialogues between teachers and researchers which form the major component of the book are a revelation of the real world of classroom pedagogy.

(ACER Research monograph n.51)

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Suzanne Mellor, Graeme Withers, Margaret Batten, J McQueen, et al.. "Literacy & the competencies: teachers' perspectives" (1995)
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