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Mammalian DNA Mismatch Repair
Biology Faculty Publications
  • Andrew B. Buermeyer, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Suzanne M. Deschênes, Sacred Heart University
  • Sean M. Baker, University of California - Berkeley
  • R. Michael Liskay, Oregon Health & Science University
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Details the process of DNA mismatch repair in mammals (MMR). Mismatch repair in Escherichia coli and in eukaryotes; Phenotypes of MMR gene defiencies; Role of MMR genes in mouse tumorigenesis; Role of MMR genes in mutation avoidance; Other phenotypes associated with MMR gene defects; Defining the relationship between the functions of MMR in mutation and tumor avoidance.
Citation Information
Buermeyer, Andrew B., Deschênes, Suzanne M., Baker, S.M., Lisaky, R.M. "Mammalian DNA Mismatch Repair." Annual Review of Genetics 33 (1999): 553-564.