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My Library: Personalized Electronic Services in the Cornell University Library
D-Lib Magazine (2000)
  • Suzanne A. Cohen, Cornell University ILR School
  • John Fereira, Cornell University
  • Angela Horne, Cornell University
  • Robert Kibbee, Cornell University
  • Holly Mistlebauer, Cornell University
  • Adam Smith, Cornell University

Library users who are Web users expect customization and interactivity. MyLibrary is a Cornell University Library initiative to provide numerous personalized library services to Cornell University students, faculty, and staff. Currently, it consists of MyLinks, a tool for collecting and organizing resources for private use by a patron, and MyUpdates, a tool to help scholars stay informed of new resources provided by the library. This article provides an overview of the MyLibrary project, explains the rationale for the development of the service in the library, briefly discusses the hardware and software used for the service, and suggests some of the directions for future developments of the MyLibrary system.

  • MyLibrary,
  • personalization
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Suzanne A. Cohen, John Fereira, Angela Horne, Robert Kibbee, et al.. "My Library: Personalized Electronic Services in the Cornell University Library" D-Lib Magazine Vol. 6 Iss. 4 (2000)
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